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a gallery of varied tastes

ART MARKET PDX is an experimental gallery space, dedicated to diversity in medium and approach. Our focus is on the collective, and the conversations that manifest when multiple artists create original works around a single concept

As an event space, our main goal is to be accessible and welcoming to our community. We host several unique public events during each of our installations, all of which are either free or on sliding scale. We also work to make sure that as many of our events as possible are open to people of all ages, because we are passionate about providing the youth with access to great original works of art

ART MARKET PDX is a volunteer run organization

Owner & Curator

Jason is a lifelong artist, and a champion of creativity in all its forms. He founded ART MARKET PDX as a way to highlight artists and styles that often go overlooked in the established art world; a proponent of unheard voices and unseen talents. Outside of the gallery, Jason is a carpenter at the prestigious Hammer & Hand, a dedicated partner, and the father of two talented and brilliant young women

Head Curator

Riley is a writer & graphic designer, with a background in marketing. He lives on the internet, and vacations in a SE Portland apartment with two cats and a stocked kitchen. As a curator, Riley looks for bold voices across all styles and mediums, aiming to make AMP as diverse as possible


Riley is v aesthetic. She appreciates sparse walls, clean lines, black denim, and white shoes. She lives at work, and vacations in a SE Portland apartment with two cats and some work from home. As a curator, Riley looks for work that speaks directly, in a loud, clear, unwavering voice


Rose is a writer, and is passionate about storytelling. She is drawn to artwork with inherent narrative, and to artists with distinct but varied styles. She spends her days frolicking among the flowers, tending to plants, and her evenings with friends or cuddling her cats in her North Portland apartment

Live Music Curator

Brette's life revolves around music. Aside from curating for AMP, Brette interns at the Tender Loving Empire record label, owns a lessons studio, and is working on her Masters of Music at PSU. She is a founding member of the Portland band No Aloha, and is involved with various other projects including Martha Stax

Spoken Word Curator

Shannon Edwards is a writer, public speaker, and activist. An educator by day, Shannon strives to promote inclusivity in her classroom, and she does the same for AMP. She never leaves SE Portland, so don’t even try to tempt her

Technical Director

Alexander grew up doing theater in Montana, a passion that followed him into university where his focus expanded to include lighting and stage design. In the years since, Alexander has merged his zeal for lighting with his love of sound engineering to create complex and interesting stage shows for a great number of PNW bands, actors, and spoken word performers. He currently lives in St Johns in a room so full of sound and lighting equipment that it boarders on hoarding


Sam walks through the world with her eyes on the details, and translates her interest in aesthetic color schemes & funky patterns into her wardrobe, her Instagram, and her art. While her primary mediums are photography & video, she also dips her toes in painting & printmaking. Aside from recording video for AMP, Sam works at Thread and is working on her Masters of Science in Communication at PSU.

House DJ / Music Curator / Installation Specialist

Michael is an artist across several mediums, with a focus on collage. He is a founding member of the KFFP Freeform Portland radio station where he spent two years playing everything from rap to riot grrrl, witch house to gospel, and then back again. He lives in a house in North Portland with three friends and a darling little cat