AMP Collective Info Page

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This secret page and its sub-pages are here as a resource for all of us to stay up-to-date with what’s going on with AMP. This will be your first stop for news about the space, including things like scheduled events, the needs of your fellow curators, short-term goals, et cetera, so please bookmark this page and check it often! Thanks!

On this first page you will find a section labeled THE NEWEST NEWS. This section is to communicate the most important things happening in the gallery that may impact you as a curator and a member of this collective. This section will likely be updated often, so please keep an eye on that space.

Below that you will find a section called SUB-PAGES. This section will connect you to the rest of our secret pages, and will link you to the information that you will most often need to access, including a member directory, and recaps from recent meetings.

If you have information that needs to be included here, or in one of the sub-pages, please email Riley Parker directly, and he will incorporate your information at his earliest convenience.


  1. Our next event is Wednesday, April 18th. If you have a chance, please come out! And if you will be attending, please invite folks! $5 sliding scale, proceeds goes to bands and sound.
  2. The Patreon Page is live! More info about this in topic the meeting notes for April 8th.
  3. DREAMS has been chosen as the theme for June, and we will have copy for that drafted within the week so that our curators can start inviting people. We have decided to delay BREAKING THE BINARY, because we feel that it is too important of a show to rush, and we want to do it correctly. More info about this topic in the meeting notes for April 8th. Please review protocol for inviting artist on the COMING UP page, linked below.
  4. The store is open in a very soft way. The full store will be officially open this Wednesday for the concert, and we will be adding a lot of cool stuff coming up.
  5. Due to some clashes in vision and process, Nate is no longer a part of the installation team. We remain open to showcasing his work when it fits the theme of the gallery, and we wish him every success.