As each new event is scheduled, before it gets published to the public events page or facebook, the event will be posted here.

This is also where we will be posting upcoming show themes, et cetera.

We are working to give everyone in the collective as much information as possible about our themes and planned shows in the hopes that it helps to inspire folks and make everyone’s job a little bit easier :)

Please check this page before requesting event dates to see if there are any conflicts of interest.

Thank you!


We have figured out (most of) the schedule for the next 7 months!

As a part of the collective, you are welcomed and encouraged to bring artists into our various shows. The protocol for that is to first reach out to Riley Parker with examples of the artist’s work + which show you think they would be good for. That way we make sure that multiple curators are not asking the same artists to be in a show, or over-asking a particular artist for multiple shows, or booking someone for a show that is already full.

You are also welcome, as a part of the collective, to show art and / or create content for the upcoming shows. The protocol for that is to reach out to Riley Parker with the show that you want to produce for and / or perform in, with the medium that you intend to work with, and the projected amount of space that you need to show the work. We appreciate everything that you are putting into the space, and we want to provide you with every possible opportunity to share your work and raise your profile.

May - Simpsons
June - Dreams
July - Graffiti
August - David Lynch
September - Words / Text
October - Witchcraft
November - Saturday Morning Cartoons


These are all of the events that we currently have scheduled with a concrete date and time.

April 18th - Cry Babe, Plastic Weather, Outer Spaces (concert)

April 26th - ALL HAIL TV: THE FUTURE (curated short film program)

May 3rd - IRL Reading w/ Chelsea Martin, Katie Piatt, Vo

May 18th - Brette Irish Tape Release (concert)

May 24th - Dim Wit, Toxic Slime Records, Gay and the Straits (concert)

May 26th - Chelsea Martin Nonfiction (2 classes)

May 31st - IRL Reading


We have a lot of events on the horizon that are in the works. A lot of these are confirmed without a date and time, but a few of these are still in their beginning stages.

Some of these are performance events, and others are community events aimed at bringing people together and drawing new folks into our space for the first time.

- Kick Ass Oregon History (Doug lecture series)
- Clothing Swap (with host Chloe Marie Costello)|
- Book Swap
- Comics Class
- Drink & Draw
- Stand Up Comedy Showcase
- Performative Dance