Here is the contact information for every current member of the collective.

We are providing you with the email and phone number of each member of the gallery collective, but please keep in mind that everyone has a preference for how they want to be contacted. Our recommendation is to use email as the default method of contact, unless it is an emergency or you have been given phone permission by the person you want to communicate with. It is also advised to text before calling, even if it's to ask if the person can take a phone call. Please also respect people’s different schedules, and only text during mid-day / early evening unless otherwise established between you and the person, and always listen to people’s preferences if they ask to be contacted via a specific method.

Riley Parker is the ideal point of contact for most questions and comments about the gallery in general. As a default, only contact Jason if Riley is unavailable and it's an emergency, unless otherwise established.

Thank you!


Jason Woods (Owner)
Event Planning, Curation, Installation, Design, Interior Build-Outs, Infrastructure

Alissa Pulcrano (Partner)
Design, Consulting, Financial Management, Curation, Infrastructure

Riley Berger (Curator)
Curation, Installation, Project Management, Infrastructure

Rose McClung (Curator)
Curation, Scheduling, Project Management

Omar Pleitez aka Mayfair (Curator)
Curation, Outreach, Infrastructure

Brette Irish (Live Music Curator)
Concert Curation, Outreach, Project Management

Alexander Geiszler (Technical Director)
Sound Design, Light Design, On-Site Engineering

Michael Sean (Installation Specialist)
Installation, Design, Gallery Vibe (House DJ)

Shannon (Spoken Word Curator)
Spoken Word Curation, Visual Art Curation, Outreach

Doug Smith (Kick-Ass Historian)
Lecture Series

Riley Michael Parker (Head Curator)