in all its forms

We are always searching for new artists to showcase, and new voices to lift up. We want expression in all forms; from paintings to poetry, live music to experimental theater, and everything inbetween (& behind, beside, below, et cetera)

If you are interested in contributing to one of our themed shows, or collaborating with us on a special event, please contact us with a link to your existing work, and let us know what it is about Art Market PDX that makes you want to work with us


Q. Can I submit previously shown visual work?
A. We seek to show new, unseen work whenever possible, but we will, on occasion, accept previously shown work as long as it fits within a given show's theme

Q. I love the gallery! Can I curate an art show in the space?
A. We are willing to collaborate on events, including pop-up galleries, but we curate our own gallery, and always have final say over what we show in the space

Q. Can I rent the gallery for a concert or private event?
A. We do not rent the space for concerts or private events. If you are in a band and want to play the space, reach out to us with a link to your work, and we will contact you if we think it is a good fit for an upcoming show

Q. Can I sell prints of my work / merch through Art Market PDX?
A. We occasionally purchase prints / stickers / pins / et cetera at wholesale prices for sale in our gallery. If you think your wares are a good fit for our store, contact us with a link and an updated price sheet