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YEARBOOK WAs a collective art show featuring original work from local, national, and international artists


YEARBOOK was a group show centered around the High School Yearbook, and what that idea meant to the individual artists. We brought together a diverse group of creators, working in a variety of mediums to make personal, one-of-a-kind pieces all worked on their own, but when shown together communicated a narrative of youth, nostalgia, expectations, and the value of a single captured moment. Using comics, water colors, portraits, video collage, and more, from low-brow to high-brow, 22 artists from Portland and beyond came together to present YEARBOOK

BT Livermore, Butte Montana
Jeremy Okai Davis, Portland Oregon
Chelsea Martin, Spokane Washington
Shannon Wheeler, Portland Oregon
Mayfair, Portland Oregon
Jen Sliker, Portland Oregon
Ian Amberson, Spokane Washington
Ross Jackson, Portland Oregon
Michael McGlennon, Toronto Canada
Monica Erin Brooks, Portland Oregon
Emily Daniels, Portland Oregon
Ben Ayers, Portland Oregon
Jen Fuller, Portland Oregon
JR Connelly, West Texas
Mr Rudi, Holland
Eve Mosier, Portland Oregon
Daniel Thomas, Portland Oregon
Michael Sean, Portland Oregon
Portia Woods, Portland Oregon
Chanelle Woods, Portland Oregon
Jason Woods, Portland Oregon
Riley Michael Parker, Portland Oregon